Lenovo and Samsung dropped new gadgets this week: Features, Price and everything else you need to know

Lenovo and Samsung dropped new gadgets this week: Features, Price and everything else you need to know

  1. Lenovo Unveils Two New Tablets With Strong Performance and Continuous Internet

Lenovo will soon release a pair of new tablets, with a focus on a mix of work, play, and streaming.Lenovo has announced two new tablet designs that, according to the company, will better satisfy customer demands for work, play, and multitasking. These include the popular Tab M10 5G and the high-end Tab P12, both of which offer always-on 5G internet and have 12.7-inch LCD displays and a Pen Plus.

For those who are most concerned with performance, the Tab P12's LCD screen supports up to 3K resolution and has, according to Lenovo, "50 percent more pixel density than a Full-HD display of the same size." The P12 includes a quad-speaker system with Dolby Atmos technology for simulated surround sound in addition to the claimed crisper and more detailed visuals.

With an octa-core processor, apps and games run smoothly, and the 10,200 mAh battery is rated for up to 10 hours of nonstop video playback. Additionally, Lenovo's Tab Pen Plus stylus is included with every P12 model by default; however, a snap-on keyboard can be purchased separately.

If mobility is more important to you, Lenovo's Tab M10 5G can deliver a reliable 5G internet connection (providing you have access to a 5G network and a strong signal).

According to Lenovo, the device's 10.61-inch screen, which supports up to 2K resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate, will offer lag-free visual performance for cloud gaming, downloads, broadcasts, and video conversations. The device's IP52 classification for dust and water resistance ensures protection against spills, splashes, and rain, and its 7700mAh battery is said to last up to 12 hours of movie playback.

By the month of August, the Tab P12 is anticipated to be available, with prices starting at €399 (about $440) for the Pen Plus pack-in or €499 (about $550) for the Pen Plus plus keyboard bundle.

The Tab M10 5G will require a bit more patience; it is anticipated to go on sale in August at an undetermined time and will have a starting price of €399 (about $440)

        2. Powerful CPUs and massive displays are featured in Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S9 series.

In practically every respect, the Galaxy Tab S9 series is an improvement over the model it replaces. The highest dynamic refresh rate of the AMOLED 2X display is 120 Hz, and its sizes range from 11 inches for the basic S9 to over 15 inches for the top-of-the-line S9 Ultra. That is approximately two inches bigger than the iPad Pro's standard display. 

These tablets have excellent specifications, including an 8GB to 16GB RAM range and a well-regarded Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU. Storage capacities range from 128GB to 1TB, and each model has a microSD card that can accommodate up to an additional terabyte of storage. The S Pen stylus is also included with every S9 tablet. 

The manufacturer claims durability for the lightweight, thin Galaxy Tab S9 series, with the S9 Ultra being especially thin at 5.5 millimetres. Each tablet has strengthened aluminium all around the outside to endure bumps and scrapes and an IP68 water-resistant rating. Additionally, the speakers are 20% bigger than those seen in earlier Tab versions, which is always a plus.

The S9's three different battery sizes are 8,400 mAh for the entry-level S9, 10,090 mAh for the S9+, and 11,200 mAh for the S9 Ultra. Pre-orders have already started, with shipments beginning on August 11. The standard S9 starts at $800, the S9+ begins at $1,000, and the 5G-enabled S9 Ultra starts at $1,150.


Finally, the always-changing world of technology has once again wowed us with its newest creations. In addition to pushing the limits of innovation, the recently released gadgets have also taken us closer to a connected and practical future. With their astounding advances in form and functionality, these devices have completely reimagined how we interact with our digital lives.

It's crucial to keep in mind that with tremendous power comes great responsibility as we embrace these cutting-edge marvels. While these devices improve our daily lives, let's not forget to use them wisely and with awareness, prioritising our privacy and security.

With technology continuing to transform our lives in ways we could only have imagined in the past, the future is surely bright. Let's have an open mind, be curious, and be eager to explore the seemingly endless possibilities that lay ahead as we set out on this voyage of creativity. So let's toast to the fascinating future of technology and hope it continues to enrich and inspire us in ways we never could have dreamed