Why should only adults use the app? Four apps that are super useful for kids

Why should only adults use the app? Four apps that  are super useful for kids

Yes, the numerous mobile apps that are now offered for both smartphones and tablets can be helpful to even the youngest of students. These nine apps are helpful for every elementary, high school, and even college student in our family. We have children.

We concentrated on apps that you can download and use for free (with many offering upgrade choices for a nominal charge), as it's quite obvious that most students don't have much of a budget to deal with.


1-myHomework Student Planner

It has stunning tablet and smartphone layouts in addition to being extremely powerful and simple to use. Students may manage their assignments, receive reminders for due dates, earn incentives for finishing homework, and more with the free edition.

Students may enjoy an ad-free app experience with more theme options, a file attachment capability, and improved app functionality for a nominal $4.99 upgrade.

This app is easily available on iOS,Kindle,Android, Mac, etc.


One of the most widely utilised productivity apps today is Evernote. It's ideal for time-pressed students who need to arrange their schoolwork with urgency

All of your notes, audio files, images, email messages, and much more may be organised so that it is simple to access them whenever you want, from any device. Its distinct tagging system makes it the perfect organisation tool for anything, and you can even collaborate with other Evernote users, which makes it perfect for group tasks.

Available on - Ios, MAC,Android and Windows


3-Learning tools, flashcards, and textbook solutions | Quizlet

Quizlet is made to make learning as simple, enjoyable, and successful as possible, much like StudyBlue. You can either build your own study materials (games, exams, and flashcards) or browse the huge library of resources that other people have developed.

Quizlet shows itself to be an excellent substitute for people who struggle with the traditional textbook study method because it amplifies the learning process with both audio and video elements. Even without an internet connection, users can use the app while on the go thanks to its offline study option.

Available on - Ios and Android


4-Dictionary.com FREE App

Do you struggle with writing essays? To complete the task more quickly, you'll undoubtedly need a strong dictionary and thesaurus, and fortunately for you, this software offers both features combined.

More than two million words are available to you, and you can use the "Word of the Day" option to expand your vocabulary. You may relax knowing you can look up any term without an Internet connection because these apps even function offline.

Available on Iphone, Ipad and Android.